Peers Conf 2018 - Austin

Peers 2018 heads to Austin! Join us for three days of code and community - development, software, business and life.

Tickets Prices in USD

  • Join us for the 6th fabulous Peers Conference. Your ticket includes access to an AM and PM workshop on April 25th, and to the main conference on April 26-27.

    Select the AM/PM workshop options of your choice - see descriptions below.
    This combo ticket also includes:
    • AM Workshop
    • PM Workshop
  • Join us for the 6th fabulous Peers Conference. Your ticket includes access to the main conference on April 26-27 – two amazing days of presentations, collaboration and a few surprises along the way.
  • Wednesday, April 25 at Capital Factory. Come for the first, stay for the second, and have a little lunch in between. Choose from among our AM and PM options, and save a little while you're at it. (See options/descriptions below.)
    This combo ticket also includes:
    • AM Workshop
    • PM Workshop
  • Workshops run 9:30 - 12:30PM on Wednesday, April 25.
    Please choose from our awesome AM options.

    Hands On Learning CSS Grid
    Grid CSS is here for designers and developers to take layouts and implementations to the next level. It is being adopted by browsers very quickly and will soon be a required tool on your toolbox. In this workshop you will learn how to start using CSS grid, including fallbacks and overrides to tackle browser support. Learn by quickly building common UI patterns and using CSS grid as structure, and experiment with the possibilities that CSS grid offers for laying out content in a creative way.

    Requirements Have basic knowledge of CSS, LESS or SCSS and HTML.

    Intro to GraphQL
    Join Shopify to learn all about GraphQL, an API query language created by Facebook to make it easier to request only the information you need from APIs, speeding up your development and your apps. This workshop features:

    A closer look at the advantages to using GraphQL over REST
    A fun tutorial on building a web-based game that features in-app purchases, powered by GraphQL and the Shopify Storefront API
    You’ll come away with first-hand working knowledge of an up and coming player in the API space!
  • Workshops run 1:30 - 4:30PM on Wednesday, April 25.
    Please choose from our awesome PM options.

    Intro to building apps with React
    By now, you’ve surely heard the hype over React, Facebook’s wildly popular JavaScript framework. Whether you want to build JavaScript-driven single-page applications or just add a small amount of front-end functionality to an existing website, React is a fantastic tool to have in your toolbelt — you can even use it for mobile and virtual reality apps!

    In this hands-on workshop, we will learn the fundamentals of React by building an app from the ground up and see how easy it is to hook it up to a back-end for real-time interactivity.

    Developing with Craft 3
    Craft 3 is here! We’ll identify key improvements, and address making important decisions about how to model your content requirements in Craft.

    We’ll build a simple site and introduce you to templating changes and solutions. We’ll also cover debugging in Craft 3, its new Multi-site capabilities and how to use Services via the

    New to Craft? No problem. Whether you’re upgrading from v.2 or starting fresh you’ll walk away with the strategy and code you need to approach your next project.

    Business Workshop - Owner Support System
    Get ready for some real talk about running your business. We'll start with lightning talks from the leaders of our business track, then break into subgroups (by company size) to continue the conversation. Struggling with pipeline? Nervous about taking the first step towards expansion? Our moderators and your peers are here to help.
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